Suggest a Debate

We'd love you to get involved and suggest questions that you'd like to answer and think other people would enjoy too.  

We'll aim to add your questions to the site within 24 hours if they pass our editorial guidelines.  We'll let you know as soon as we've done that so you can start answering, and sharing with your friends.  

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm.  From the Team at Somymu.


Choices are the potential answers you wish people to score for your question. Examples: "Who is the best Soccer Player Ever?" might have Choice 1: Pele, Choice 2: Diego Maradona, Choice 3: Lionel Messi, Choice 4: Cristiano Ronaldo. Questions work best with 2-6 potential Choices.


Factors are scored for each choice to decide who is your winner for that question. So for the question "Who is the Best Soccer Player Ever?" the Factors might be Factor 1: Goalscoring, Factor 2: Teamwork, Factor 3: Trophies Won, Factor 4: Popularity, Factor 5: Consistency and Longevity. Questions work best with 3-6 Factors to score.

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