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Left Wing or Right Wing?

Right wing parties are gaining power and winning elections around Europe in support of anti-immigration sentiment and current financial difficulties. Are you for or against the shift?

#RightWing #ForOrAgainst
3390 Results
1st Right Wing
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Who Would You Love To Spend A Day With?

Which of these celebrities would you love to spend a day with? Rank them on their looks, humour, celebrity status, personality, and interests!

2140 Results
1st Beyonce
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Tom Hiddleston v Benedict Cumberbatch

They're both very good-looking, charming and quintessentially British - but which one is the ultimate heart throb?

#tomhiddleston #benedictcumberbatch
12752 Results
1st Tom Hiddleston

Best Front Three: Real Madrid v Barcelona v Bayern

Real have Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema. Barca have Neymar, Messi, Suarez. Bayern have Lewandowski, Muller, Robben. Surely the three greatest forward lines in world football today but which is the best and why?

171 Results
1st Barcelona

Suarez vs Aguero

Reports suggest Barcelona wanted to sign Sergio Aguero instead of Luis Suarez. Who do you think is the better player?

102 Results
1st Suarez

Who Will Win The Australian Open 2017?

Federer eased past Nishikori in one of the most thrilling tennis matches we've ever seen. Can he go all the way or will someone else claim the title?

#AustralianOpen #Tennis
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Entertainment, Culture & Life

Love or Loathe: The Grand Tour

Since the demise of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson has been recruited for The Grand Tour. Are you a fan?

2 Results
1st Love
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Best European Inter-railing City

Every European inter-railing trip seems to take a similar sort of route. Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague... The list goes on. Which city is your favourite?

#Europe #Cities
1 Results
1st Paris

Ski v Snowboard

There is a fierce rivalry between skiers and snowboarders on the slopes. Do you prefer one board or two?

#Ski #Snowboard
0 Results >
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Klopp v Wenger

Two of the Premier league's most experienced managers. But who is better and why?

#Klopp #Wenger
1 Results
1st Arsene Wenger
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Love or Loathe: Black Mirror

One of Netflix's most thrilling series so far looks into the future for its storylines. Are you a fan?

#BlackMirror #Netflix
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Entertainment, Culture & Life

Love or Loathe: Westworld

The new dystopian series Westworld has had high ratings since the launch of its first season. What do you think of it?

#Westworld #Series
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Entertainment, Culture & Life

What's Your Favourite Musical?

The West End and Broadway are where the magic really happens... Choose between The Lion King, Mamma Mia, Hamilton, Les Miserables and Wicked!

#musicals #broadway #westend
13 Results
1st Wicked
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Who Is (Was) Your Favourite Member of One Direction?

Still a Fab Four. Zayn may have gone but Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam remain. Which one is your favourite though...and why?

#onedirection #zaynmalik #harrystyles
8888 Results
1st Harry
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Little Mix v Fifth Harmony

It's the battle of the girl bands! So who of the Americans Fifth Harmony of the British Little Mix do you prefer?

#littlemix #fifthharmony
20 Results
1st Little Mix

Theresa May vs Donald Trump

Trump is now President, he and Theresa both hate immigration and the EU. But, who would you rather have lead your country?

#trump #may
9 Results
1st Theresa May

Does Trump's Win Impact Brexit?

Today, Trump became the most powerful man in the world. We wondered, do you think he will affect Brexit?

1 Results
1st Doesn't matter
News, Politics & Business

Michelle Obama v Melania Trump

Today the world said good-bye to Michelle Obama. So we wondered, do you prefer her to the new First Lady Melania Trump?

#melaniatrump #michelleobama
174 Results
1st Michelle Obama
News, Politics & Business

Is Michelle Obama The Greatest First Lady Ever?

Once again Michelle Obama gone viral, all thanks to her pricelles facial expressions during the Trump innauguration. We wondered, do you think she's the greatest First Lady to date?

#michelleobama #flotus #dncconvention
12 Results
1st Yes
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Which 90s Show You Love the Most?

The 90s was the deade that gave us light-up sneekers and the choker BUT also some great TV shows. Tell us if Friends, Sex and the City, Futurama, Absolutely Fabulous or The Simpsons was your favourite?

#90s #tvshow
40 Results
1st Friends

Theresa May vs Nicola Sturgeon

Both the UK and Scotland are led by women, but here the simiarities end. After Theresa May announced she wants to leave the Single Market, the tensions are higher than ever. But, who would you want as your leader? 

#scotland #sturgeon #snp #theresamay
53 Results
1st Theresa May
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Simple Life vs Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Kim Kardashian has been away from the public eye since September, prompting conerns about the future of her show. So we wondered, do you even like or was Simple Life just that much better?

#kuwtk #simplelife #kardashian
11 Results
1st Keeping Up With the Kardashian
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Nate vs Dan vs Chuck

The Gossip Guys! Who's your favourite? Rate them on looks, style, personality and more!

941 Results
1st Chuck Bass
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Who Is Most Likely To Be Gay?

If celebrities gossip is your thing, sooner or later you'll have found rumours that your favourite celeb is gay. Which one is most likely to actually be?

447 Results
1st Harry Styles

Should Scotland Get Its Own Brexit Deal?

Today, Theresa May announced that she is determined to take the country out of the Single Market and the Customs Union whatever the cost. Do you think Scotland should be allowed to stay in?

#scotland #freedomofmovement #eu #brexit
53 Results
1st No
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Which Rhodesbro Would You Date?

Rhodesbros are Youtube's hottest twins, according to some. So we wondered, which one do you prefer? Rate their personality, lip, hair and more.

#rhodesbros #youtube
7 Results
1st Austin
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Who Would You Go For An Ice-cream With In Central Park?

You get to spend perhaps 30 min with them walking around central park eating an ice-cream, who would you take?

46 Results
1st Jennifer Lopez
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Who Would You Grow Old With?

These celebrities are pretty intriguing figures, so interesting that you might want to grow old with them. Which celebrity would you love to grow old with?  

415 Results
1st Emma Watson
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Hottest Male Pop Singer Of 2016?

They have lit up the nights with their awesome shows and swept us off our feet with their physique, who is the hottest male pop singer of 2016?

200 Results
1st Shawn Mendes
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Michael McIntyre vs Kevin Hart vs Jim Jeffries

These stand up comedians are vastly different in their jokes and mentality, which one do you find the funniest?

6 Results
1st Kevin Hart
Entertainment, Culture & Life

James McAvoy VS Michael Fassbender

The X Men co-stars are some of the most productive actors of the past few years, and they are constantly on screen: which one do you prefer?

11 Results
1st Michael Fassbender
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Which Is The Sexiest Villain? (Female)

Here come the femme fatales: the most beautiful and deadly women of all time. Which is the best one?

50 Results
1st Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Love Or Loathe: Sherlock Season 4

The Sherlock season finale has come and gone: what did you think of this season? Are you ready to wait for another forever?

484 Results
1st Love

Immigration or the Economy - What's More Important for Brexit?

Theresa May will admit for the first time on Tuesday that she is willing to sacrifice access to the Common Market for immigration control. We wondered do you think Hard Brexit is in UK's best interests?

#hard #brexit #hardbrexit
251 Results
1st Immigration Control
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Troye Sivan vs Taylor Oakley

Troyler was the biggest Youtube ship to date. Sadly the boys don't hang out so much anymore. Still, we wondered is Troye or Taylor your favourite and why?

#troyler #tayloroakley #troyesivan
9 Results
1st Taylor
Entertainment, Culture & Life
News, Politics & Business

Love or Loathe: Joey Graceffa

Oh My Goodness Gracianious! Joey is the most popular volgger on Youtube with a huge following. But some find him incredibly annoying, which camp are you in?

#graceffa #youtube #joeygraceffa
244 Results
1st Love

Should the UK Become a Tax-Haven?

The socialist's worst nightmare has come true this week, when the Chancellor fo the Exchequer said that the UK will become a tax-haven if there is no post-Brexit deal witht the EU. Are you in favour of the tax-haven status?

#brexit #taxhaven #philiphammond
36 Results
1st Go for it!

Best Captain/Leader in Premier League Ever

John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Roy Keane and Patrick Viera. The top four teams of the last twenty years all had massive on pitch leaders at their peak. So which one is the best overall, and why?

1050 Results
1st Steven Gerrard

Who Will Be Relegated From The Premier League?

Ranking the Premier League's bottom five teams on Scoring ability, Team Chemistry, Defence and Determination, choose who you think can beat the drop, and who will flounder at the bottom.

#RelegationBattle #BeatTheDrop #EPL
10 Results
1st Crystal Palace

Who would win, McGregor or Mayweather?

Conor McGregor recently made headlines when he told Floyd Mayweather to "come at him". These two fighters are both at the top of their games; Mayweather is an unbeaten world boxing champion and McGregor the UFC Featherweight champion. In a boxing match, who do you think would win?

#UFC #Boxing #MayweatherVMcGregor #McGregor
85 Results
1st Conor McGregor

Messi v Ronaldo

Messi v Ronaldo. The debate goes on. Speed, Strength, Skill, Artistry, Goals, Magic Moments, Consistency. Score them on each to decide once and for all.

messi #ronaldo
1134 Results
1st Lionel Messi
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Eminem vs Kanye West

These two contemporary rappers both have difficult histories fraught with mental health issues, but they do produce some great music. Who do you prefer?

#Rap #Eminem #Kanye
20 Results
1st Eminem
Entertainment, Culture & Life

Stormzy v Skepta v JME

Three of the Uk's Hottest Grime rappers right now. Can you set them apart using our interactive game?

#Grime #Rap
122 Results
1st Skepta
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