How Do I Answer The Questions (Quick Start Guide)?

You can answer any of the questions on our site in three quick steps.
(Optional) Step 1: Tap the circle icons on the left hand side to weight the factors you think matter most.  You can also toggle off factors you think are irrelevant.
Step 2: Score each factor, for each choice on the sliders
As you go through Steps 1 and 2 the results section on the page gives you real time scores.  Feel free to experiment by changing weightings (step 1) and scores (step 2) before you submit your result.
Step 3: Tap the compare and share, or submit button for your scores to be submitted.  
Please complete Step 3 by pressing submit, or share and compare so your final results are recorded and you can see how your views compare to others.

Further information on answering the questions and how the rankings and scores are determined is included on the longer How to Play answer in this section.

How do I answer the questions?

SOMYMU (So Make Your Mind Up) allows you to share not just the answer to any question, but what factors and reasons made you answer in that way.  This can be done in two quick steps:

STEP 1: TAP CIRCULAR ICONS TO WEIGHT THE FACTORS (left hand column of screen)
Each time you tap the circle icons on the left hand side of the screen the centre spot grows.  The larger this centre spot, the more importance that factor has on calculating your decision.  If you think that factor is very important in making your decision tap the icon to increase the size of the shaded centre point.  If you think it is less important tap the icon until the centre point returns to it's smaller size.  You have five importance weightings that can be applied to each factor in this way.  If you want to skip this step that is fine - your decision will be based on equal weighting of all the factors listed.  If you believe a factor is irrelevant to your decision you can switch it off using the Yes/No toggle.

STEP 2: SLIDE TO SCORE THE OPTIONS (central section of the screen)
For each factor slide the square icon to give it a score for that choice.  Slide up for a higher score, slide down for a lower score.  As you are scoring the factors you will see how this affects the results and rankings of your choices (Step 3 below).

STEP 3: RESULTS SECTION (right hand side PC & laptop; scroll to bottom on tablet and smartphone)
As you are completing steps 1 & 2 the rankings and scores for your options will be changing dynamically in real time.  In the results section you see a ranking and score out of 100 for each choice.  The "winning" choice also shows a donut which explains how it's total score is made up.  The colour segments show the relative importance of each factor in your decision: the larger a coloured segment the more important that factor is in your final decision and scoring.  Within each coloured segment there is dark and light shaded sub-segments.  These show how you scored each factor for that choice: the more that colour segment is shaded dark the higher you scored that factor for that choice.    

Before you submit, share and compare your results you are encourage to reconsider your factor weightings (Step 1 above) and scores (Step 2 above) and you'll see how this donut (and the option scores and rankings) change to graphically represent your view.

Please press this button before you leave the page - unless you do that your scoring will not count towards our poll.  Pressing this will take you to a results screen (still in beta development) where you can compare your results with the overall population set.

I have a technical problem with the site?

The Somymu site you are using is in beta testing phase.  If you have any technical problems using the site (on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone) please let us know and we will try and resolve the issue promptly.  To contact us use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page.

How do I create a new debate?

We'd love you to get involved and suggest questions for the site, and for you to share with your friends.  To do that click on the Suggest a Debate link at the very bottom of any page.

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